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An Epidemic of Inadequacy

There is an epidemic of not feeling good enough in our country. Through my work as a therapist I have been astounded by how many incredible people feel inadequate. It breaks my heart to connect with such wonderfully talented individuals who have so much to offer, yet they are shackled by a belief that they are not enough.

In my work I identify negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves and figure out where they come from. I am a Sherlock Holmes of the mind, piecing together the puzzle and eventually arriving at an understanding out how we got to this place and why things are so hard.

Sometimes folks hold this belief as a result of major trauma. Children who are hit,

neglected, or verbally demeaned come to feel inadequate themselves. Other times, small events can leave a lasting mark. I worked with man in his 30s who, after much work together, realized that one sentence spoken by a bully in third grade had instilled his sense of not ever being good enough.

Whatever the root cause, we can bring healing and love to the child within who fears they're not enough. Deep healing is possible, but only through vulnerability and a willingness to face the things we'd rather not. The ability to shift our emotional landscapes and find the feeling of being enough is what keeps me motivated to do the work that I do.

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