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Working w/ Alec



Is there a right way to do therapy?

  • Nope. Everyone is unique and good therapy is custom fit for the needs of that person. There are general themes that make counseling effective, but it’s not a one size fits all kind of process.

Should I be doing homework assignments between sessions?

  • Assignments can be helpful, but they are not necessary for effective therapy. If it is relevant to our goals we may devise tasks for you to complete between sessions, but in general my counseling is more about the process in session than assignments outside.

How should I prepare for session?

  • Sometimes we’re not sure what we want to talk about. That’s okay! I will help you explore different areas of life to see where we can focus. If you want to prepare for session, writing down some thoughts beforehand about what you’d like to work on can be useful.

Are there topics that we shouldn’t talk about?

  • Nothing is off limits! That is the wonderful thing about counseling. Everything is fair game.

Do you share my information?

  • In order to assure that I am providing you with the best services possible I may share information with my licensed clinical supervisor. This includes what we are working on in session and my approach to helping meet your goals. Also, there are specific circumstances that I am required by law to share certain information, please see the confidentiality disclosure for details.

How do I get the most out of our work together?

  • Write your thoughts down after session. Wouldn’t it be sad to come up with a great insight only to forget it later? Writing after session really helps to consolidate your therapeutic work and it is my number one suggestion for how to get the most out of our work together.

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